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2nd Batx- Solutions to PPAAU test: University and housemates

a- False-- the text says:"it can be temping to select a housemate on the basis of how friendly they are but lovable traits in a friend do not always translate well to lovable traits in a housemate".

b- True -- The text says:" No student house has ever made it through a year without a little tension".

2. OPEN question:
Because your flatmates may not like the types of guests coming round or they may come too often and not take part in the tasks and costs of the flat.

3.1. to split
3.2   straightforward
3.3.  bills
3.4.  guests

4.1  has been studying    /  are the exams going to be
4.2  a) as       b) is--- like
4.3  She may/ might be a nice person to live with
4.4  If his father hadn't been ill, he would have gone to university

5.1    coat         5.2    juice      5.3   cup       5.4 walked

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Reading. Selectivity type exam

Click on the link and print the text entitled University and Housemates. Do the activities related to the reading and comprehension.

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gerunds and infinitives-- 2nd Batx

Click in here to start a presentation on gerunds and infinitives

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Solutions to How To Deal With ...

a. False - The text says: ”no amount of warning to the audiences seems to work"
b. False - This is irony as the text says: " WIll you please stop breathing? ........, it is likely to result in a custodial sentence.

2. They get even more nervous and they take more time to find or turn off their mobile phones

3. 1. nuisance     2.  to work      3. sympathy      4. worth

4.1 A did / meet
      B was studying

4.2 That is the man who spent all the evening talking

4.3 a using
      b. to play
4.4 If I were you I wouldswitch off the phone

5  5.1 are     5.2 we     5.3 respected   5.4 dear

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Solutions to House Swap Holidays

House swap holidays: Cheap holidays in other people's luxury.

2n Batxillerat. Prova d'accés a la Universitat (2012). Setembre. Model 2. Opció B.


Activity 1:
a) False (lines 4-5) because the text says "The property has the peace and space you would expect at a five-star hotel or villa. But what is the price? Nothing."
b) True (lines 22-23) because the text says "has some basic advice on its website for anyone considering letting out or taking up a house-sitting holiday."

Activity 2:
Possible answer.
Because he had experienced the difficulty of finding good matches between homeowners and house sitters. So, he created the website to make it easier.

Activity 3:
1) to run (line 6)
2) classic (line 1)
3) confident (line 25)
4) to run over (line 27)

Activity 4:
4.1. A: Have you chosen / B: I am flying / I am going to fly
4.2. Sometimes IT takes a while TO find the right place.
4.3. The house MAY / MIGHT be right for me and my family.
4.4. I went back to the small town in West Sussex WHERE I used to spend my holidays.

Activity 5:
5.1. B) lips
5.2. B) seven
5.3. A) cat
5.4. B) discovered

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Rewritings-- 2nd batxillerat end of term 3

 Here you have a lot of rewriting sentences for you to practice: Click on the link, download and print the file. Finally, do the exercises

Once you finish, here you have the solutions.

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2nd Batxillerat - 14th april - strike day

For those of you who didn't attend my lesson today, here you have the solutions to "why is Superman still so popular?

1. FALSE. The text says:"Superman has adapted to changing times"
2. TRUE. The text says: " Such figures are seen as fullfilling the same societal function as the myths of ancient Greece or Rome."


Because Superman may be the first superhero which is not associated to American culture only but his popularity, obviously thanks to films, is worldwide.


1. To break out
2. remarkable
3. unwise
4. to look like

4.1       A.  Have you been        B. don't want
4.2       a. hurry up             b. going
4.3       a. such              b. both
4.4        is being shown at our local cinema

5.1 park
5.2 use
5.3 bus
5.4 wanted